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Who We Are

IVArcadia, an IVunited Project for Partnership Development in Arcadia and the Peloponnese.

IVArcadia launched under the authority of the organization IVunited.

IVunited is an interdisciplinary philanthropic organization founded in Nafplio, Greece. Our name stands for “Independent Volunteers United”. We carry on the legacy and expertise acquired through years of altruistic action at the service of the future of our communities and our planet. This experience built the DNA of our agency. Today, IVunited serves as an organization for the creation of cooperative systems and projects. Our activities facilitate and automate sustainable and innovative development. Our approach originates in biomimicry, evolutionary observations as well as the interdisciplinary convergence between fields of science, engineering, business and design.

This strategic methodology allows us to design new and simplified ways to pave the road of philanthropically driven evolution

Our aim is to put corporate, digital and cultural development strategies at the service of local community development, cooperation, humanitarianism, universal welfare and the global progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our organization focuses on interdisciplinary research and project development methods such as Design Thinking, Agile Development, Biomimetic Design and a number of other framework-focused development strategies that innovate the way we tackle problem-solving for causes.

One of the main practices of IVunited is to develop unification strategies for common grounds. We work with existing initiatives in order to increase the impact, innovation speed, and coordination capacity of local, national and international development initiatives.

To differentiate the activities we are deploying in the South of Greece, we launched IVArcadia. IVArcadia is a branded project responsible for unveiling and overviewing this specific targeted regional development direction.  Our focus is on the welfare and future development of the South of Greece. Our mission is represented by our signature : Partnerships and Cooperation for Sustainable Innovation

Regional Location of Activities : Peloponnese

Management of activities executed from : Arcadia

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