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Constantine Koutsogiannins - Executive Direction for IVArcadia

Constantine Koutsogiannis

Executive Direction

Constantine Koutsogiannis is an entrepreneur from Nafplio. He is a licensed engineer with a passion for AI and robotics. Constantine is also involved in the hospitality and tourism industries as the owner of a hotel and seasonal properties in the South of Greece, hoping to further help contribute to the development of his natal Peloponnese through his involvement in several unions and non-profits. Constantine is also the co-founder of IVunited, an NGO serving of incubator to philanthropic projects, including the development of free websites and digital tools for philanthropic organizations and humanitarian grassroot initiatives.

Domi Sea - Strategy & Development for IVArcadia

 Mia Sea

Strategy & Development

Mia Sea is an interdisciplinary designer of Greek origin. She came back to our homeland after a life spent between Paris and international travels. Equipped with a Masters degree in Communications, eight years of humanitarian experience, a lifetime of design experience, as well as a background in the luxury industry, Mia now focuses on the conversion of corporate tools into philanthropic power. She specializes in nature-centered design, using strategy and design to influence philanthropic and innovative development. She also specializes in biomimicry, a discipline aiming to replicate the logic of nature in engineering, design and development, hoping to contribute to the global effort to one day make technology and progress an extension of nature rather than its destruction. When she isn’t involved in strategy and digital projects, Mia is dedicated to the development of the NGO IVUnited, focusing on the incubation of philanthropic projects, looking at the ever-changing new ways to build the future of local communities and cultures.

Vivian Manolesou - Local Coordinator - Arcadia

Vivian Manolesou

Local Coordinator – Arcadia

Vivian completed her studies in Canada in Business Administration and majored in Marketing. She then had the opportunity to apply her knowledge through job opportunities in the tourism industry. Today, she is the director and manager of a hotel establishment, as well as the owner of her own lodge in Paralio Astros, Arcadia. In addition, she offers her experience on tourism matters to fellow colleagues, private and governmental organizations. Specifically, Vivian serves the region as a board member of several unions. She is the President of the Tourist Accommodation Association of Eastern Arcadia and General Secretary of the respective Federation of Peloponnese. She is convinced that her efforts will aid in achieving the goals of her community in terms of tourism, as she believes that targeted promotional planning will ultimately help prolong the regions’ touristic season. In addition, she believes that, by initiating and implementing activities and tourist-related events within her community, this will help promote the hidden beauties of the region and maximize its potential.

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