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What We Do

Partnerships and Projects for the Benefit of Local Development and Innovation.

Goals, Activities & Offers.

IVArcadia is an initiative targeting cooperative development strategies. Our projects benefit the local development and innovation of the region.

Our objective is to be a strategic point of union for matters of regional partnerships and coordination. Through these partnerships, we serve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at a local level.


IVArcadia’s Goals 

Creation of partnerships serving the regional development (SDG 17).

Progress toward models of sustainable cities & communities (SDG 11).

Coordination at the service of Industry innovation & infrastructure (SDG 9).

 Our main motivation in the deployment of IVArcadia is to unfold a  vision that brings clarity to key decision-makers in the area. We establish the groundwork needed for a long-term plan rooted in sustainability. Our mission to serve cooperative development aims to help define a blueprint for growth. In addition, we work on a number of public databases that can serve all local cooperative initiatives. 

Our first steps 

  1. Public Domain Projects : We organize and coordinate local development through partnerships around specific prioritized projects. Those projects benefit the public domain. We bring results that serve the entire community, as they cut future costs for local businesses and institutions.  
  2. Digitalization : In order to put sustainable and philanthropic development strategies at the heart of execution, we work in direct collaboration with a digital agency and a database of specialized contractors that allow us to shape strategy into digital production in a way independent digital companies can not. 
  3. Cultural Narratives (Branding & Storytelling) :  We work with semiotics specialists, creative directors, designers and fiction writers in order to find the best creative narratives in the form of strategic visions, brand storytelling and art. We focus on cultural blueprints able to unite the local communities and translate their historic legacy into future possibility. 
  4. Mapping, Data Modeling & Future Scoping : We accumulate and structure the organizational information of the area of Arcadia and progressively the Peloponnese, in order to deliver high-value maps and models of this data for public use and analysis. In addition, we research and model ways in which most innovative technologies could serve the local development in a way that most benefits the sustainable and fruitful future of the region. In sum, we help visualize the future and help the region prepare for it to unfold.


List of Activities 

  • Development of local and regional partnerships
  • Development of national and international partnerships for the benefit of the prefecture of Arcadia and the region of the Peloponnese.
  • Design of unifying strategies for the creation of digital, material and infrastructural resources serving the public domain of the region.
  • Design, development and management of projects at the service of unifying regional strategies.
  • Recruitment, coordination and management of volunteers and consultants serving regional development projects.
  • Data Mapping for the public domain
  • Data Modeling for the public domain
  • Future Scoping : Research and speculative implementation scenarios for technological and strategic progress at the service of the region.

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