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HR Database

Project-based Job Opportunities in Advisory, Consulting & Management Positions for the Innovation and Sustainable Development of the South of Greece.

We started the Human Resource Database for IVArcadia as an initiative aiming to open the doors of regional development in the South of Greece to independent experts. This page allows you to be listed in a professional database shared with our partners network and all municipalities and regional development offices in the Peloponnese. Through this listing, you may be contacted by ourselves, our partners and governmental institutions in order to work on projects linked to the future development of the South of Greece. Our hope is to make the best out of local talent and offer local experts opportunities to contribute to the future of their homeland. 

What we offer 
– Invitations to work, advise or consult on regional and European projects for the development of the South of Greece.
– Visibility linked to your professional field in your region
– Direct links to recruitment channels in our network, additionally to all public offices with which we share our database. 

Join our Human Resource Database